Lost years

It seems that time flies…but not just while having fun. Time also passes too quickly in the midst of trying times. Often we wish that time would stand still during a quiet moment when our kids are small, to just hold on to them for a moment longer…Whichever the case, time only goes in one direction – forward. So, make the most of it, and remember that God is the maker of time. He won’t change time, or allow us to go back and change circumstances; but he will forgive us for the mistakes we make and be there for us, for all time…on earth and in heaven – for those of us who accept his Son Jesus as our Saviour. And contrary to public opinion, Christians don’t always have a rosy life with no problems. We just have a Saviour and a friend to help us cope in tough times and celebrate with us in good times. God is with us in the quiet moments, and in the turbulent times in our life when we feel like we just can’t go on. He is there in the midst of every circumstance, even when that circumstance is a result of our own bad decisions. He lifts us up, helping us move forward – without guilt – to accept His forgiveness and start over, this time listening to his heart and following his guidance. He is our Father, King of all Kings, above all things, and Creator of this world and the universe surrounding us.

What an Awesome God we serve!